Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I posted videos about 2 blogs down... check em out if you'd like!

I just posted a couple of things that I found very funny.... They really don't have much to do with anything (maybe basketball, baseball, dancing and insurance...:-)

I love you tube, but I must say I use it more for entertainment purpose than for professional uses. I have used it a couple times to learn some dances to teach to 2nd graders... it was great for that. You hear the music and see the steps right there. It sometimes shows you (if its a good source) the best ways to teach it and break it down too. Other than that, I really just use it to get a good laugh and to make others laugh! Or to see something I heard about in the news or sports but didn't see it.
I love youtube, but more in a personal make me laugh way, than a professional way! My .02 :-)

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