Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friday... 1st post

(This was written on Friday, and posted Sunday)
It's getting to that time of year, where everything is hectic for all in the school system. Time is short, and so are tempers at times. Everything feels rushed as the last day of school closes in. Weather is getting nice, and people are starting to plan their summers. Lets go outside!
I got the boot out of the gym today for 2 classes at the last minute. It happens sometimes, and I never complain or worry. The weather was nice so I took the kids outside. The 2 classes I took outside were good classes, so I did a parachute lesson with them (2nd and 1st grade). We worked on teamwork and listening skills through use of the parachute. We also increased our heart rates and talked about why (we so this a lot!) My normal lessons for the day were supposed to be throwing and catching. I decided not to do them outside today because it was very windy. The wind can greatly affect the children's ability to throw and catch, and can be discouraging. So, the wind, helped make my decision about doing a parachute lesson. It was nice to reward 2 well-behaved classes with a lesson they enjoy a lot as well! It all worked out ok.... :-)

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