Thursday, May 21, 2009


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This here is a picture of some of my 2nd grade students on out climbing wall. I wanted to get a climbing wall since I got to this school 6 years ago. I spoke w/ the superintendent and she stated that they could not foot the bill for it, and I also needed approval from the Board of Ed. for liability and insurance reasons. I then prepared a presentation to the Board of Ed. about traverse climbing walls and their benefits. They liked what I had to say and granted approval with the condition that I would also install a covering system so people could not climb after school hours. So I wrote a mini-grant through our local PTA stating what I needed, why I needed it and what good it would do, and how much everything would cost including the matt covering system. I asked for enough for a 50' wall, (hoping for the best!) and got approval for a 25' due to cost. I then worked over the summer with a nearby teacher w/ decades of experience in climbing systems and we installed it ourselves. THe kids love it and it is now a huge asset to our program. I then got the art club to paint a mountain mural on the wall as well. Here is the pic....Thanks for reading!

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